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“Lombardini22’s FUD designs the new WakeUp Cosmetics store in Milan”

Other photos… WakeUp, a brand based on an idea by Syrian artist Jamal Joratli, recently opened a new store in Milan. The store was designed by FUD Brand Making Factory, a division of the Lombardini22 group specialising in Communication Design and Physical Branding. The new store is, as the photographs by Studio Tettamanzi reveal, an […]

“Jamal Joratli_The Silk Road” by Ekali Club Magazin

Jamal the silk road

Jamal Joratli: Η επόμενη μέρα μετά την πρόσκληση στην Κίνα Ο Άραβας καλλιτέχνης που ζωγραφίζει και αποθεώνει την Αθήνα

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China’s first exhibition debut in Dalian – News

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Newspaper : Dalian culture eyes