Jamal the silk road

The passion of the Syrian artist Jamal is dedicated to the strength and beauty of horses. These fast animals are at the center of attention of his paintings. He manages to capture their noble appearance on canvas; sometimes in a naturalistic, sometimes in an abstract way and some other times in the spirit of ancient models.

Not only artists of the East have always been inspired by the horse subject. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mantegna or Velazquez have already been focused on the study of this valuable mount. This tradition continued until the modern era of Degas, Franz Marc or Picasso. However, Jamal enriched this heritage in one more aspect. His magnificent coloring and his delight of decoration reveal that his works do not come from the western civilization, but from the “eastern” cultural heritage of the artist.

In his paintings one can interpret the transparent shimmery horses, but also the decorative elements as a form of energy, which are depicted on canvas. The pale and almost disembodied shining horse bodies symbolize the past, while the present is shown in the foreground in the form of a strong and distinct horse body.

Jamal uses consciously the motive of horse as means of visualization of his artistic ideas. He explains that these ideas are also based on history: “The exchange of culture and information would not have been possible in the past, had it not been for these riding animals.” Now, in this digital era, these beautiful animals are not considered useful for the propagation of ideas. However, Arab world has been grateful, even today, for these valuable services provided by this loyal companion.

In the works of the Syrian painter, one can see the joy of a painting experiment. No matter what, painting has always been his main focus. So, Jamal concentrates on the chains and hoofs of horses in his paintings “. In the glowing background there is an abstract firework consisting of movement, light and color. When one looks at it from up close, he can see the white horses in violet and blue shades shimmering and glittering. Given the fact that Jamal captures the eye in such a way, he undoubtedly reminds us of the impressionistic art.

In Jamal’s paintings we encounter motifs that originate from our immediate reality, such as the ocean, human beings, horses and architecture. Nonetheless, the Syrian artist by no means belongs with the realistic painters who try to critically or naturally reproduce our everyday reality.

Instead, Jamal dissolves the concrete appearance of things in order to look behind the surfaces like a radiologist. He X-rays the iilusional world of the visible and betakes himself on a journey in the land of the essential.

Not an easy task for the painter because he pits himself against the forces of a paradox: how can he make the “unseen” visible with a paintbrush and paint on canvas or wood panels?

In the artist’s most recent paintings one can see that he has found a way of answering the problem and simultaneously developing his unique style.

In Jamal’s art the visible becomes the skin of the unseen. That primal force that suffuses anything alive, that keeps everything living, that pulsates as an invisible force. Jamal senses this power in the world’s phenomena which he conveys into pure energetic colour. He has said, “painters never see colours, they feel them”.

Jamal The Silk Road is a dedicated artist from Syria, who wishes to share his vision with the world. Jamal’s art is the reflection of his impressions, his love for the beauty and uniqueness of the things that surround us. Jamal uses oil to create his paintings. It is a very traditional technique that allows creating amazing depth of color and shadows and weave incredible images. Using the potential of oil painting to the fullest, Jamal makes his paintings come to life. The Jamal’s art is characterized by an airy, mystifying aura and hypnotizing charm.

Syrian modern and mosaic art greatly influence the artist’s style. This is how he conveys his love for ethnic motives. Intricate patterns, serene sceneries, multiple layers and running horses that look like embodiments of nature and might – these are the key elements of the Jamal’s works. He uses them to symbolize the ghostly, yet lingering influence of the past and powerful presence of the present, the way how the complicated tapestry of time has been affecting every person’s life.

Nevertheless, Jamal is open to new artistic experiments and is happy to share his discoveries with others.

The Magic of The Silk Road
Various media highlighted his incredible balance of technique that follows the rules of traditional Syrian oil, mixed material paintings and fresh, personal look. Currently Jamal takes part in many art exhibitions and already has several exhibitions of his own, so anyone could walk the amazing silk road of magic and inspiration by viewing and admiring his works.